Team Project

Jiyoung Kim, Seyoun Kim, Hyeryeong Kim, June Kang

Social Lunch Box Brand SOROSORO Branding

MEDIA : Branding, Web, UI/UX, Package, Printed media 

DATE : 2017.06

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The elderly poverty rate in Korea is four times higher than the average among OECD countries. Due to the lack of awareness of retirement measures, insufficient social security system, and absence of interest between the generations, about half of Korean seniors fall into low - income bracket after retirement. In this social phenomenon, SOROSORO helps seniors to become more independent, and tries to connect the needs between older and younger generations with a social lunch box brand.


SOROSORO creates jobs for seniors through the medium, a lunch box, and presents older people's stories and wisdom to the younger generation who is the main targeted consumer. Furthermore, busy young people will be satisfied thier desire of a home-cooked meals made by old people, and the product will give a sense of the senior’s story naturally. SOROSORO encourages consumers to have more interested in old generations, and leads voluntary sponsorship for seniors who can not even afford

a necessity for survival.

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